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Création de sites web

Spécialisé en création de sites web réguliers ou commerciaux utilisant la technologie Wordpress. Offre aussi des services de marketing internet


Référencement naturel

Forte d'une expertise en Informatique et spécialiste du référencement dans google, page internet s'appuie sur une équipe pionnière du référencement naturel

Cameleon Features

Cameleon Features

Cameleon is our second WordPress theme based on the Gantry framework. We wanted to have a solid base we could build on top of when creating a new WordPress theme. Traditionally the WordPress layout options are limited, but Gantry was built to provide a new layer on top of this traditional widget configuration to give an unprecedented level of control and flexibility. It had to be powerful enough to do everything our themes already handled, but allow us to easily extend and build-on these features with a minimum of effort and complexity. The result is a very flexible theme for all purposes.

We took advantage of the lessons learned from work on our previous Gantry theme based.
We have made every effort to remove known bugs, and simplified handling up to the administration panel. We also added many features that signaled the need for our customers.

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Merci pour ce site ,j'ai gagner bq de clients a cause de mon site ...

Abderahim ghabeda

merci pour ce service de web Maroc mon site ...

Hassan Rakik


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